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Committed to providing a community of support to police
spouses & families, through resources that will provide education,
training & practical tools to enable families to thrive in their roles
as support system for their police officer/civilian member.
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About Us


Toronto Beyond The Blue is an independent, registered charity, with the support of the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Association, dedicated to serving spouses & families of Toronto police officers and civilian members. We strive to promote an awareness of our officer's worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in a life in law enforcement.

Spouses and children of law enforcement face a unique set of circumstances that lends itself to the need for emotional support, better awareness, training and tools to enable police families to thrive with their roles as a support system for their police officer.  Infidelity, alcoholism, cumulative stress, critical incident stress, PTSD/PTSI, marital discord and high divorce rates are some of the issues that our officers tend to struggle with and this has a far reaching impact on family members as well. Accordingly, there is a need for an organization that specifically supports spouses and family members of police officers and Canada Beyond the Blue intends to answer the call.

While we strive to align and be endorsed by our police services and associations/unions, it is important that we remain a separate and independent entity. The advantage of forming a separate organization for such objectives, as outlined below, is to create a separate legal entity that would carry out managerial responsibilities related to our objectives.  Secondly, we have a focus that is aligned with, but separate from the business of a Service or Association. Accordingly, our mandate can focus on offering training, education and a community of support without burdening the employer or association.


The key elements of our organization lie within the following objectives:

  • To offer a community of support to spouses of police officers, civilian members & police families

  • To promote awareness of our officer’s worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in a life in law enforcement

  • To coordinate presentations, speakers & resources that will aid in offering training & practical tools to police spouses and families

Charitable Organization #700398498RR0001

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