"As senior officers and unit commanders we are often asked: how do we connect to families, how do we help them understand this challenging career choice, not in the midst of crisis, but every day?  Like many of the greatest ideas, a need results in an answer, and Beyond the Blue is that for me.  If policing is the thin blue line, Beyond the Blue encircles that line: always there, always caring, sometimes holding it together, and sometimes keeping the rest of the world out.  Though I was a police officer for 32 years, I have been part of the Toronto Police family my whole life and I still have family and people I care deeply about in the world of emergency services.  Thank you Toronto Beyond the Blue, for being there... for each other and for our uniform and civilian members and their families. Take care of each other."

- Elizabeth Byrnes, Superintendent (Ret'd)

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It is our goal to offer support to police families by coordinating resources, offering training & practical tools for the enrichment of life with their law enforcement officer/civilian member and to maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

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