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Fill Your Cup January Instagram Event!

How about this year instead of losing/giving up/quitting something we all choose to gain something this January! TBTB's "Fill Your Cup" photo event will help you to remember to create a habit of self care and self awareness. This event is designed to help us collectively share in taking a few moments daily, or as often as you need, to take care of yourself. So we ask you...what do you need today to fill your cup?

Each participating photo will enter you into a draw to win a self care gift basket filled with nourishing treats, balancing beverages and spirit lifting self care items. BONUS: You will be winning already every time you fill your cup!


1) Follow @TorontoBTB on Instagram and if your account is set to "private" approve our follow back so we can see your pics!

2) Post your self care photos tagging @TorontoBTB and using the hashtag #TBTBFillYourCup

3) Each photo posted will earn you one raffle entry into a draw to win our giveaway. Participate daily or as often as your schedule allows, each moment of self care increases your entries in our draw.

Stay tuned to our Instagram feed for inspiration on self care activities as we post daily in January.

Contest is only open to TBTB Members so spread the word to your family to subscribe so that they can participate in this event.

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